Memoir and Personal Biography Book Samples

Samples from Real Life Stories, LLC

Heirloom Biographies from Real Life Stories, LLC

We strongly recommend that you hire a biographer who has written several full biographies (without assistance) and whose books you can see on the web, and thus determine that you like that person’s style and that he/she has in fact authored full-length books...

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Memoir Samples

My Story Memoir - the gift that keeps on giving. Perfect for Christmas, birthday, or anniversary gift. My Story Memoir is a book we create from interviews with you or your loved one, and is a more affordable option than the Heirloom Biography, which is fully-researched...

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Biography vs Memoir –See the Difference

Biographies are fully researched and written with a compelling narrative. We leave no stone unturned in research and writing biographies and conduct two weeks of genealogical background which appears as beautiful stories in the biographies...

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Corporate Histories

Nothing rivals a professionally-written corporate history book. Nothing else can give potential or current clients an archival picture of who you are. A corporate history book shows the world the vision behind the people and the people behind the company...

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Printing and Binding Options

Choose from standard hardback, archive-quality hardback (made to last 300 years and best for photographs) or inexpensive paperback (print inexpensively and either sell or give away).

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